Clinical Laboratory

An excellent resource for both patients and caregivers to understand the many clinical lab tests that are used for routine care and the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases is Lab Tests Online. NEW HOPE MEDICAL CENTER clinical laboratories provides quality laboratory testing and excellence in customer service.

We offer a wide menu of services including

  • Bio-chemistry
  • Haematology
  • Transfusion
  • Microbiology
  • Serology
  • Clinical pathology
  • Endocrinology

NEW HOPE MEDICAL CENTER staff consists of certified Medical Technologists, Medical Laboratory Technicians, and Laboratory Assistants. We are proud to offer these highly trained laboratory professionals for your service. 

Phlebotomy Services

NEW HOPE MEDICAL CENTER offers phlebotomy (blood drawing) and specimen collection services at all our service centers. In addition, BCHL supports the community by offering affordable health screening at local health fairs. Services provided include specimen collection, processing, testing, and direct reporting.

Use the links on the left on this page to view locations, hours, and services provided at our service centers. No appointments are required and your specimen(s) can be collected regardless of insurance company. If BCHL is unable to test your specimen due to insurance contracting reasons, we can forward your specimen on to a contracted testing site.


The Transfusion Medicine Department is part of the Laboratory in Annai Arul Hospital and provides Blood and Blood Products for hospital in-patients. We also perform blood tests including ABO / Rh typing.


The Haematology department at NEW HOPE MEDICAL CENTER Laboratories offers an extensive range of diagnostic and clinical services, which cover all blood and coagulation disorders. The expertise and equipment available within the laboratory enables the unit to provide and contract for special projects.

The coagulation test menu includes inhibitor screen testing, fibrinogen, D-dimer, fibrin(ogen) degradation products (FDP), fibrin monomer, thrombin time, factor VIII activity and factor IX activity.


Most tests that are required urgently are performed, continuously, with short turn around time, on automated, high volume rapid analyzers. These include, but are not limited to glucose, BUN, electrolytes, Ca, P, liver function tests, cardiac markers, CSF glucose and protein, and measurement of drugs frequently involved in poisonings as well as commonly monitored therapeutic drugs.


Most tests of thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, pituitary and gonadal function are available on site and are performed using highly specific immunoassays. Tests for the evaluation of adrenal medullary tumors (urinary free catechol amines and VMA), and neural crest tumors (urinary dopamine and HVA) are performed using state of the art HPLC procedures.


The Microbiology service provides specialist information and testing of microbial pathogens involved ina patient’s infectious disease process and assist with managing outbreaks of communicable diseases. Specialist areas in microbiology include bacteriology ,mycology, parasitology ,virology, serology, and Infection control. These integrated services are provided by experienced and highly qualified staff.


SEROLOGY involves the diagnostic identification of antibodies in serum. Such antibodies are typically formed in response to an infection (against a given microorganism). Serological tests for antibodies to HIV, Hepatitis B & C and Syphilis are, among others, available in the Clinical Microbiology department.

The infection control Service
offers information and assistance to all staff who require it for needle stick injuries and body fluid exposures and is also in charge of controlling outbreaks of diseases .

Clinical Pathology

Urine Complete analysis, Motion complete analysis and Body fluid cell counts are carried out. Semen analysis and Semen wash for inseminations is also carried out.

FNAC (Fine needle aspiration cytology)

Examination and interpretation of cells by aspiration from lump and mass from various part of the body either done by physician or surgeon under Ultra Sound guided FNAC by radiologist.

Our test profiles

  • Master Health Check
  • Executive Health Check
  • Well women health check up
  • Senior citizen check up
  • Kidney check up
  • Arthritis check up
  • Healthy heart check
  • Diabetics health Check
  • CKD 1
  • CKD II

The staff therein is well conversant with intricate test procedures to be undertaken for patients for accurate diagnosis ensuring absolute reliability. The laboratory is handling large number of cases with high efficiency having smooth co-ordination with other departments making work transition smooth and speedy without any kind of hassle. The patients are subjected to wholesome approach to care and devotion with the trial of new lease of life and hope with smiles and caring hands around them.


No. (For most tests.) Appointments are necessary for semen analysis and paternity testing.

Fasting is going without food or drink for 10-12 hours, but water is permitted. Check with your physician about any medications that you may be taking.

While most routine testing is completed within 24-48 hours, some testing can take a week or more.  Please allow an additional 24-48 hours for your physician to review this information.

Your results are sent to your ordering provider as soon as they are completed.